If you want to hire a personal trainer, yoga instructor, martial arts instructor or wellness expert in Singapore you generally have two options. Ask a friend or colleague for a recommendation or go to a gym, possibly pay a joining fee and membership fee, then get allocated to a trainer based on very little information. We don’t think this is the most efficient way to find the right trainer.

That's why we built trainerconnect - the new platform for finding the right trainer, for you. Our goal is to turn that process around by allowing you the client to find the best trainer based on comparing fitness professionals from across Singapore, looking at the services they provide and the reviews they receive from previous clients.

Not only does this make it easier and more transparent for clients it also makes for happier trainers who now have a better way to find new clients. Hopefully we make everyone happy!

We love to hear your feedback about the site, especially if we are getting something wrong - that way we can fix it faster. So please do get in touch to tell us what you think.

The trainerconnect team